About the Journal

The Royal Studies Journal is an online and fully open access publication which adheres to the highest standards of academic double blind peer-review. It provides a truly international and inter-disciplinary forum for scholars whose research is connected to monarchy in any aspect, period or geographical setting.

The Royal Studies Journal has developed as an offshoot of the successful Kings & Queens conference series and the Royal Studies Network. The Network has provided a framework for researchers in the field to share news and information and make contacts with potential collaborators or to find scholars with similar interests. The Kings & Queens conference series has provided a yearly event for scholars to share their research in the field. However, while both the Network and conference series have drawn attention to the developing and thriving interdisciplinary field of Royal Studies, to date there has not been a dedicated publishing outlet for research in this area. The Royal Studies Journal aims to fill this gap and provide a venue for academic research from all disciplines, areas and periods across the field.  The RSJ was founded in 2013 by a group of international researchers and postgraduate students with the support of the University of Winchester. It was decided that the publication should be multi-language, online only and fully open-access with no charges for either readers or contributors in order to make the research as accessible as possible.

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Editorial Staff


  1. Dr Elena (Ellie) Woodacre

Advisory Board

  1. Dr Jonathan Spangler
  2. Dr Roberta (Bobby) Anderson
  3. Dr Carole Levin
  4. Dr Charles Beem
  5. Dr Lois Huneycutt
  6. Dr Michael Hicks
  7. Dr Manuela Santos Silva
  8. Dr. Wendy Marie Hoofnagle
  9. Dr Nuria Silleras Fernandez
  10. Dr Noel Cox
  11. Dr Zita Eva Rohr
  12. Dr Timothy Peters
  13. Dr Kathleen Neal
  14. Dr Sara Wolfson



Section Editors

Dr Hang Lin

Dr Ana Maria Rodrigues

Dr Jennifer de Silva

Dr Rachel Gibbons

Late EM/Modern (18th c)
Dr Reider Payne

Dr Helen Matheson-Pollock

Early Medieval
Dr Wendy Marie Hoofnagle

Central/Northern Europe
Cathleen Sarti

Modern (19th/20th c)
Christoph de Spiegeleer

Proofreading Editor

Dr Janice North


Dr Linde Brocato
Dr Simon Lambe
Professor Phyllis Jestice
Dr Philippa Woodcock
Dr Carolyn Harris
Professor Compton Reeves
Dr Erin Jordan
Dr Kristen Geaman
Lisa K Mercer
Kristin Pinyan
Guillermo Arquero
Dr Victoria Anker
Dr Florence Curtis
Dr Laura Cook

Chief Copy Editor and Production Lead

Aidan Norrie

Copy Editors

Dr Amy Hayes
Dr Tiago Viula de Faria
Oliver Mallick
Dr Nadia Therese van Pelt
Dr Emma Wells
Dr Janice North
Dr Cinzia Recca
Helder Carvalhal
Dr Estelle Paranque
Dr Lucy Dean
Guillermo Arquero
Rocio Martinez
Angela Clark
Lorena Fierro Diaz
Dr Samantha Harper
Wouter Wagemakers
Jess Watson
Anne-Maria van Egmond
Rebecca Lyons
Luke Barnes
Dr Jitske Jasperse
Sarah Young
Daniel Ashton
Lynsey Wood
Sarah Fry
Shayna Devlin

Layout Editor

Dr Diana Pelaz Flores
Dr Danna Messer

Layout Assistants

Luke Barnes
Katia Wright
Ellora Bennett
Dustin Neighbors
Sarah Stockdale
Gabrielle Storey
Gemma Nokes
Rebecca Woods




Book Review Team

Book Review Editor

Dr Stephen Donnachie

Assistant Book Review Editor

Dr Philippa Woodcock

Book Review Assistant

Adam Bowley

Editorial Assistant

Amy Saunders

Technical Group

Lead Technical Editor

Charlotte Backerra

Administrative Team


Dr Laura Tompkins

Listings Editor

Christina J. Allen
Sarah Young

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Cathleen Sarti
Dr Niki Incorvia
Dr Kristen Geaman
Elena Teibenbacher

Illustrations Editor

Lilly Cespedes